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Fandom Enthusiast 


Hi, I'm

Jennifer Sheffield

I'm a lore and canon fanatic, diving deep into plots, world building and character relationships. I enjoy delving into the psychology of how we consume and create media.


With a BA in English (emphasis in journalism), I work as a freelance editor, writer and designer at night. During the day, I'm a communications PM in the corporate world. I've been a podcaster, reporter, columnist, blogger and reviewer. 

Contact me if you'd like to work with me! Follow my blog if you'd like to see more posts about the stories that stick with me - good or bad.

Freelance Writer, Designer, Editor with 10+ years experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I choose you for my next project? 

    • B2C, personality-driven, community-based blog and website content

    • Academic and research-based editing and writing

    • SEO-capable copyediting and copywriting

    • AP, MLA and APA style editing

    • ​A passion for profiles, event coverage, entertainment reviews, and technical writing

    • A drive for education that connects communities with engaging content

    • Experience in art, with a passion for UX and print/layout design

    • CSS/HTML coding for various platforms and email campaigns (WordPress, Tumblr, Proboards, Blogger)

    • Experience with QuarkXpress, InDesign, Photoshop, Gimp, Pixlr, and other online and downloadable tools

  • What might you consider an unreasonable request?

    • While I don’t like to say anything a client asks may be unreasonable, I do like to set clear expectations with them.

    • No editing job is a thing of magic or miracle. If you provide me something that’s a last-minute rush job, editing won’t fill in the gaps for you. I don’t write for someone.

    • I make what you have concise and clear so your argument is stronger. I’m here to help educate and refine your already brilliant work!

  • So you’re not willing to do quick turnarounds?

    • I absolutely can! It’s just worth emphasizing that editing can truncate word count, so if you need the words, provide me with more than you need, and I can work around that.

  • Do you charge by hour or by word?

    • We can negotiate that type of pricing and look at both, but usually my estimates are by word. I use a lower-end word-rate so my prices stay affordable for you!

  • Are there any hidden extra fees?

    • Nope! And I’ll make sure to fully explain any fluctuations in prices, depending on the work you’re looking for, ahead of time.

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