I have always written and created art in some capacity, but I fell in love with editing and design in university.

I am drawn to minimal, flat designs, but any chance I get to play with textures is even more fulfilling for me. 

As a writer, I focus a lot on fandom pursuits such as book and game reviews. But I am constantly working on my own fiction and nonfiction pieces that I hope to share one day with the world. In communications, I am proficient in B2C and community-driven strategies that strengthen the bond between the consumer and the product/service.

If you're interested in working with me, let me know below! 


"She was great to work with. She is very creative and was very cooperative throughout the process."


- Salim, Fiverr Client

"Good article from her. Can see that she puts her heart into writing."


- Jace Chan, Fiverr Client

"Wonderful job. I appreciate the editing and support with references."


- Fiverr Client

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