My Personal branding 

CONCEPT: Around 2019 I designed a cute little peach, then took the shape of that peach and made a cartoony self-portrait. As a Georgian, and someone who just loves peaches, a peach was an obvious go-to element for my logo and branding design. Below are various outfits of the branding that I've used across my branding and website since the set was created.


Previous Podcast branding

CONCEPT: Below are sets from two podcasts I was part of - one for travel and writing, one for fandom. With WWD, I wanted to focus on a sepia/map/urban palette for something neutral and muted and reflective of the themes of the podcast. For FT, our focus was more on fandom and the vibrancy of the entertainment industry we envelope ourselves in.

Jennifer Sheffield | 2021

All images and text belongs to Jennifer Sheffield unless otherwise stated, and is a reflection of proof of work rather than all used for commercial purposes.