Hey, before we even get into this. If you plan on commenting with "All Lives Matter," even after I say the below bold statement, go ahead and click off.

All lives cannot matter until black lives matter, too.

That's the whole point of the hashtags. That's the whole point of the movement. The phrase "All Lives Matter" isn't true, until it's true.

I've had multiple blog posts drafted that I want to eventually finish, but none of them felt right to focus on right now. I could give some white woman's diatribe about how this has all affected me, but honestly my voice doesn't matter. You know whose does? The voices of black people working hard to make change in their communities. The diaspora of talent and accreditation who already exist across multiple platforms making a difference.

You've seen all the places you can donate. But do you know the people below? I want to highlight them, because I've found them to be influential in what they do, whether it's activism or fandom. The below isn't complete, but it's some of the names I immediately think of when trying to build this list. Put your favorite black voices below!

The Read podcast with Kid Fury and Crissle is a podcast that focuses on everything from social issues to pop culture. They're real and hilarious, and their commentary cannot be beat.

Evelyn from the Internets is a channel that I always recommend to people. Evelyn is hilarious and charming and does a variety of videos from helping you through young adulthood, to snack reviews, to being the child of African parents, to general comedy videos.

For Harriet is a wonderful channel that focuses on the social commentary that pop culture and social issues reflect about our world and the black woman's place in it. Many of the conversations look to uplift black female voices and be as inclusive as they can be.

Akilah Obviously (Akilah Hughes) is a comedienne and writer, who is very outspoken across various platforms about political and social issues. Pay attention to what she does.

Jouelzy is a channel that focuses primarily on pop culture commentary and reviews, but there are a lot of her videos that have tie-ins to black culture. She also promotes intellectual conversation and how AAVE doesn't denote an argument's credibility. Which is an important conversation to be had when people try to discredit or dismiss black voices.

I just found dripping_honey on Twitch, but this sweet bean is a cozy Twitch streamer, who streams a variety of content. But while she was streaming Animal Crossing, she got raided with lots of love and support. She also has a lip gloss business on the side, and she was immediately sold out.

Trihex is someone I started following because of his Yoshi's Island speedruns, but he's a very outspoken Twitch streamer who welcomes conversation and does so much for his community. Here's a great example of his variety.

And here's some book covers of some great black authors, and their work below:

Uplift their voices, listen to them.