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Program Manager & Communications Expert

Greater Seattle Area

Willing to discuss relocation

Open to new opportunities

Team leadership

Program management

Communications & content strategy 

Education & literacy programs

I have almost 10 years of professional experience translating complex, technical ideas into engaging stories and comprehensive support resources for a wide range of audiences. I am self-driven and motivated by improving team processes, engaging communities, and educating others. I am seeking to expand my portfolio beyond tech to other program management and content design-oriented roles, with my long-term goals including a career shift into education and library sciences.  

Complete Career History

Xbox Support Editor and Project Manager

Hanson Consulting, Inc. | March 2021 - Present | Remote Work

  • Advocate for support/education that meets the customer where they are--the well-versed gamer or the less-confident user just getting started

  • Design and lead content strategies to improve how information is conveyed and presented using customer sentiment data, SEO, and empirical evidence to improve legibility and discoverability of topics 

  • Copyedit/write for content across support platforms (website, mobile, console), focusing on conceptual content and technical support--work includes improving language, upholding brand style and voice/tone, and maintaining accessibility standards

  • Coordinate with stakeholders to collaborate on the greater organization's content strategy and take ownership of communications efforts for feature announcements and troubleshooting scenarios 

  • Focus heavily on areas of expertise, driven by prior career experiences, such as online safety, emotional and mental health, popular IPs (intellectual properties) such as Minecraft, and gender and sexuality inclusivity


Native language, fluent


Limited working proficiency


Elementary proficiency


Elementary proficiency

Causes & Organizations

Children's literacy

Reading Partners (Americorps)


Arts and culture 

Top professional skills

Team Leadership & Employee Training

Content Strategy & Architecture

Social Media Communications

Program Management

Community Engagement

Copy Editing

Project Management

Other Skills & Experience

  • Capable of working under strict deadlines to deliver high-quality content for internal and external consumption.

  • Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Figma, Compass Studio, Azure DevOps, SQL, COSMOS, SCOPE, HTML, CSS, Markdown, PROD environments, GIMP, Audacity, Affinity Publisher, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Workspace, Asana, WordPress, Wix, and other blogging platforms. 

Freelance Work

  • Previously a staff writer and social media strategist for Pure Nintendo Magazine

  • Game review published with 8Bit/Digi

  • Article published with the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) blog

Volunteer Work

  • Reading Tutor for the Seattle chapter of Reading Partners (Americorps) from November 2022 to June 2023. 

  • Graphic Designer for the Organization for Transformative Works from June 2023 to present.

Community/FANDOM management

  • Manage multiple online fandom communities, including one community with 200+ members for the game Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), wherein I design and edit a biyearly magazine with community spotlights, reviews, and game information.

Educational Goals

  • Masters in Library and Information Science (MLIS)

  • Teaching certification for elementary and/or middle grades, to become a public school librarian or educator

academic Background

Valdosta State University

Bachelor of Arts (BA), English Language and Literature ​

Focus in Print Journalism 

August 2009 - December 2013

Valdosta, Georgia


The Spectator

Independent, student newspaper

  • Editor-in-Chief (2013) 

  • Managing Editor (2012-2013)

  • Management Seminar for College News Editors 2013 (MSCNE13)

  • Georgia College Press Association (2012 & 2013)


Undergraduate research journal

  • Design Intern (2013)

Work & Writing Samples

Official Xbox Support Website

Help for Xbox games & apps

  • A new hub that I designed to display troubleshooting content for games, apps, and services. Alongside this, I redesigned the Games & apps browse page to help customers more effectively navigate content through browsing/scrolling by extrapolating that troubleshooting content and refining the focus of the page. 

Gaming for the whole family 

  • A hub that I helped design to display some of our most meaningful support content for family and online safety settings. 

Connect with friends in party chat

  • I redesigned this article to include more info about what party chat is, explain how you can set up safety settings, and added support for party chat on other devices. 

What is doxing on Xbox? 

  • A new article I produced to educate the Xbox community about doxing threats, behaviors, and how to secure your private information. 

Talking to your family about messaging safety 

  • A new article I produced to help coach families and households through discussing online safety and privacy with loved ones, as well as ways to build trust and use Xbox safety settings to ensure everyone plays safe.  

Manage a member's safety settings to access Minecraft features 

  • A new article I produced to help adults manage safety settings so that members of their household can access different Minecraft features safely. This was a major traffic driver to our platform, with most of the info buried in other articles. 

Mental health resources for the Xbox community 

  • A new article I produced to guide members of the Xbox community who are struggling with a mental health crisis or want to know what resources and tips they can use to help their friends.

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