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social media credits

Xbox Insider Program

  • Received Twitter verification to display the program as a congruent platform alongside the verified Xbox brand and strategy
  • Increased follower count by 295% and engagement by 585% in FY20
  • Devised a social media strategy and crafted a communications strategy playbook for the brand

  • Developed tone, color, and imagery for media assets that were used on the Xbox Wire and the program's social media posts

  • Focused on B2C Xbox Wire posts, balancing corporate confidentiality and customer-facing experiences, that educated and excited our Xbox Insider audience  

  • Redesigned the front page of the blog, following an overhaul of the Xbox Wire's architectural design

Pure Nintendo Magazine

  • Created new PSA strategies that engaged followers, turning the brand's face from a scroll of links back to the site to a magazine that is interested in the readers' voices

  • Collaborated with editors on upcoming magazine releases, reader polls 

  • Aimed for improved SEO for the magazine's articles

  • Curated new ways to utilize pull quotes and details for the social media export of articles  

  • Designed new graphics for use in social media posts and in articles that unified the magazine's monochromatic palette in dynamic and interesting ways