Summer Catchers is a great game, but I’m not very good at it. Not because it’s particularly difficult or incomprehensible. But because I need to stop playing games that require quick thinking and reflexes at night—which is incidentally the only time I have to play games these days.  Summer Catchers is part car-racing, part platformer. You play a little girl who wakes up in the middle of winter realizing that she’s...


REVIEW: Super Meat Boy Forever (NINTENDO SWITCH)

Super Meat Boy is a tough series. Super Meat Boy Forever is tough, but it’s far more accessible to a wider audience on the Nintendo Switch. The story picks up after the events of Super Meat Boy, wherein Meat Boy had to save Bandage Girl from Dr. Fetus. In Super Meat Boy Forever, Meat Boy and Bandage Girl have formed a happy family with their baby Nugget...



Spellbreak is the battle royale experience I’ve been waiting for. This game has the graphics of Fortnite crossed with the graphics and exploration of Breath of the Wild. While there is no construction in this title like Fortnite, the game is just as vibrant and beautiful. I know we all groaned a couple of years ago when battle royale game modes and titles felt like the...



Deadly Days is a rogue-lite zombie apocalypse game that originally released in 2017, and came to the Nintendo Switch in 2020. The game has a straightforward premise: zombies, rogue-lite combat, and survival strategy. Capitalism strikes again as a harmful company making toxic burgers infects cities worldwide...



The promotional art for Ultra Hat Dimension drew me to playing the game, and I wasn’t disappointed by its style. This puzzler feels like a retro dungeon or castle-based game that I would have played as a child. While I have been somewhat bored of retrofitted indie titles on the Nintendo Switch, Ultra Hat Dimension’s puzzles... 


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Review: Later Daters 

At PAX West 2019, I had the chance to preview Later Daters at the Indie MEGABOOTH, and the art style immediately grabbed me. When I heard Later Daters was coming to Nintendo Switch, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! 


Review: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 

I remember games from my teen years vividly. The graphics were the best for their time, and the combat mechanics were sometimes sloppy. “Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy” [...] is one of those games you might remember fondly for the same reasons. But can it stand the test of time? 


Review: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

As someone who has waited so long for the new installment to Animal Crossing, getting to experience Animal Crossing: New Horizons a minute into its release was all I’ve thought about for months. 


Review: Afterparty

When I heard Night School Studio was working on the game Afterparty, I was elated! OXENFREE, their previous game, was one of my favorite titles a couple of years ago. Seeing Afterparty come to the Nintendo Switch this year meant I could play from the comfort of my living room or in bed late at night... 


Review: Coffee Talk

If you’re looking for a relaxed game, Coffee Talk is the one. Set in a present-day Seattle coffee shop, full of characters straight out of an urban fantasy, Coffee Talk lets you to be the barista of a late-night storefront in the city. 


Review: Stories Untold

Stories Untold was released on the Nintendo Switch January 16, and it stands out for me as a front-runner for episodic storytelling.


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Review: Sagebrush

In many ways, Sagebrush reminded me of Firewatch. While the contents within Sagebrush are much darker than Firewatch, the exploration and mystery felt the same. This is likely why I loved it so much.


Review: Hop House

The other day I finally stepped on over to Hop House near downtown Redmond for a drink with a friend. The inside of the place, in early afternoon, is bright and relatively not busy. Which was ideal for the relaxed time I wanted. 


All About Xbox Insider Preview Rings

In June of 2018, we announced the addition of Alpha Skip-Ahead to our existing Xbox One Update Preview rings. The goal was to allow gamers to provide feedback for Xbox One builds or features long before we expect to release them to the general public. Thanks to our most enthusiastic members that goal is becoming a reality.


Review: Kingdom Hearts III

On January 25, Kingdom Hearts III released and immediately we fans pulled ourselves out of the shadows to binge the game throughout February and March.


Scientific Review: The Impossible Burger

I’ve mentioned on here before that I wasn’t always aligned with vegetarian tendencies in my cooking or eating. I have been a notable carnivore in my day, which means I can consume and cook up a mean protein.


Love to Write? Visit Your Local Library!

Books are open on hardwood desks with hunched shoulders of people scribbling notes and intently taking in every word. Librarians shush and politely give warning glares to patrons carrying on too loudly. The natural light is beaming through large windows. 


Review: The Shrouded Isle

In Kitfox Games’ “The Shrouded Isle”, the mystique of this story lies in not knowing how we came to be the leader of a cult. But this sinister job had to go to someone.


Review & Unboxing: Imperfect Produce

Today is a review of Imperfect Produce! I’ve seen advertisements around for them before with their slogan about cooking ugly. It’s kitschy, it’s fun, it’s the next best thing to a farmer’s market.


Behind the scenes: Mister EDG3 talks YouTube and the Video Gallery

In this installment of behind the scenes of members of the Xbox Ambassadors Program, we talk with Mister EDG3 – the Video on Demand Community Lead – about his work with the YouTube content and Video Gallery for the program.


Ambassador Spotlight: Scrtch

The Alpha Ambassadors are well known in the Xbox Ambassadors Program – those Ambassadors who have proven that they exhibit exemplary support and leadership for their community – and among them is Scrtch.